Nitric Oxide and Building Your muscles Fast

Nitric Oxide supplements are probably the most popular supplements on the fitness market today. Walk into any discount vitamin store that caters to bodybuilders, and you will see titles of products such as NO2, Nitrix, NOxplode, SuperPump 250, NOX, TracNO and many others.

I'm a strong supporter in nitric oxide products to build muscle and there has been some double-blind studies that support the effectiveness of nitric oxide supplements. But with so many Nitric Oxide products on the market, how do you know which one works the best for you.

In order to answer the question of which one would be effectively for you, let's look at what nitric oxide is. Nitric oxide is a without color gas that's found in the tissues of all mammals. It's actually a natural vasodilator of smooth muscle (but not skeletal muscle). Nitric oxide also performs cell-to-cell communication for some metabolic functions and this is how it can be used by the body to talk with other cells.

Normal nitric oxide by itself just lasts briefly in the body. But there is an analog to generate this gas, as it occurs when nutrients within the body break down the amino acid called Arginine (l-arginine).

Nitric Oxide has been determined to control Nitric Oxide alternatives No2-Max the circulation of blood and may actually increase blood flow. It also sends signals between neural cells, and can serve to deliver more vitamins to muscle cells, helping the muscles to increase in size when put through stress (that "pumped" experience from working out).

It really is these large, full pumping systems that bodybuilders seek when lifting weights. As a side note: Erectile Malfunction (ED) prescriptions work in a similar way to increase blood flow (just that ED prescriptions give attention to managing blood flow in a different area).

The MRI company defined this industry when they announced the first nitric oxide supplement. We believe it is still the best nitric o2 on the market, but usually it is . the most expensive. BSN and MHP and Pinnacle and Gaspari also make good nitric oxide supplements, but to me, they don't appear to be as effective as the MRI NO2, although I believe each person will have varying results until they find the the one which works best for them.

The way to tell which nitric o2 supplement will work best for you is to use one for 6 weeks. In about 2 several weeks of by using a nitric oxide supplement, you should be able to feel a "pump" after your workout and you'll be reminded with this feeling throughout the day as you continue to feel "pumped. " It's kind of like that "tight" feeling you might feel the first five minutes in the morning after arising, before your muscles have had a chance to stretch.

If you don't feel "pumped" and also have a renewed desire to head back to the gym each morning after 6 days of trying a nitric oxide supplement, try a different one. In the event the first supplement you try won't get you to that "pump, " you'll probably only need to try one or two others until you get that "good" feeling. Then you could stay to your chosen nitric oxide generator for a long time.

I should also mention possible side effects of nitric oxide. Although I haven't heard or seen any serious health side effects, it's possible to have dizziness, some fatigue, headaches or diarrhea, as these would be regarding too much arginine and they'll go away after reducing the quantity of arginine used.


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